Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What princesses eat.

I know my mom is a little sad that her youngest daughter moved 500 miles away. She calls my sister practically every day and asks if she ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is there anything wrong? Are you okay? You know. Typical mom stuff.

But today, I think I put my mom at ease. LoL. I just had to post our conversation my mom and I had over lunch today. The whole conversation was basically in Korean, but here's the translated version:

Mom: How's Nancy doing up there?
Me: She's good, mom. Don't worry.
Mom: What does she eat up there?
Me: A lot of American food. There's not a lot of good Korean spots up north. She cooks a lot too.
Mom: Oh.
Me: Mom. Don't worry. She lives like a princess.
Mom: *her eyes get big and cocks her head to the side* PRINCESS?? Reeaaallly?? A princess like me?
Me: *I laugh and just stare at my mom* Yes, mom. A princess like you. Don't worry.
Mom: just stays quiet.

My mom cracks me up.

And here's what I bought for us after lunch. A couple of pinkberrys for a couple of princesses. (I'm only a princess by association. :O) )

Happy Wednesday!