Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hannah & Justan W/ Harvard Photography

WELL HELLO THERE!!! first of all, i apologize for being a bad blogger this month. and 2nd of all, can you believe the year is almost over? can't wait for thanksgiving and christmas!!! i LOVE thanksgiving food.

this past saturday, i 2nd shot a wedding at the coco palm in pomona. the reception held there as well.

before the ceremony, i took the boys and got a few shots of them together.

and afterwards, the groom and i walked around for some solo shots.
he looks so good here! i think this is my favorite.

this the look the groom is giving his bride. :)

such a beautiful smile!

congrats you guys!!!

oh. and someone anonymous left quite a funny comment on my blog, so i used it as this post's title. it's probably one of my friends. lol. whoever it was, thanks for making me laugh out loud.