Monday, October 13, 2008

3's NOT a crowd

here's to yet another monday! yay!

remember tammy, desi and riley? here's a couple of my favorites from their family session in dt fullerton. i had no idea this fountain existed in fullerton. lol. as you can see, riley had the time of his life. but we started the shoot backwards. instead of getting wet at the end of the session, we got wet a little too early.

awwwww. poor riley. the water shot right up onto his face. it totally freaked him out. tammy and desi were pretty freaked out too.

the level of squishiness of your face is directly proportional to how much love you receive.
riley takes peek-a-boo very seriously.

lol. i told you. very seriously.

do you see that elmo dvd right next to tammy? lol. riley wouldn't let me take his picture unless he had that in his hands. but somehow we managed to divert his attention to something else.

here's riley showing us how much he loves elmo. lol. and here's tammy SOOO over elmo. ahaha. i love it!
let's take a vote. how many ppl think riley should cross over to the dark side?
kids are definitely hard to shoot. 14 month olds are even harder. BUT! why i love working with kids is because of unpredictability. i was trying to get the 3 of them in this shot when riley walked over and stood right in front of my lens. and thus, my favorite shot of the day. check out those chucks! so cute.

hahahahhaha. look how hard riley is trying to get a little sip of the iced black tea from starbucks. :) if u look closely, the straw is no where near the stuff.

tammy, desi and riley: i had such a great time with you guys. thank you guys for everything!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hump Day +1

wow. is it just me, or did october just creep up on us? how is everybody?! hope everyone's week is going by as smoothly as possible. :) i got a few complaints about not having a new post up. ok, fine. just one. lol. but it felt very nice.

so! let me introduce you to tammy, desi and (soooooo cute) riley. two sundays ago, we met everyone at wahoo's in downtown fullerton. (their steak enchiladas w/ green sauce is the bomb!)
and after everyone got nice & full, we roamed around dt fullerton. you know, i've lived in fullerton for 10 years and it was actually my first time roaming around this awesome place. i know. i know. shame on me.

it took me awhile to choose the 'sneak peek' picture, but i decided on these two. hahahaha. the first one only because it looks like riley is giving the finger to his parents and because it made me laugh out loud. lol. seriously love this picture.
the first person to tell me what riley's drinking gets a free starbucks drink on me! hint: the only thing i get at starbucks, everyday! lol.