Monday, September 29, 2008

Taylor & Benjamin :: Fashion Island |portrait|

Happy Monday everyone. remember sweet nancy (e-session @ D-Land)? the following images are of her even sweeter niece and nephew. i met nancy, taylor, benjamin and kitty (nancy's older sister) at fashion island for our shoot.

kitty brought the cutest and stylish clothes for these two! taylor and benjamin are so cute and so sweet. they were such well-behaved children. taylor, who is only 6, acts and speaks like an adult. all day i had full-on conversations with this girl. her vocabulary alone would blow anyone away!

this post is jam packed with cute sweetness, so watch out!

i have never met a 6 yr old who reads as fast and well as taylor.

LoL. here is benny trying to be like his older sister!
taylor was so good at throwing out poses. haha. benny just looks terrified. LOL

this has got to be my favorite shot.

i LOVE winter sweaters.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE when ppl dress all preppy. but it's even better when kids do. total weak spot for me.

LoL. where do you think the ice cream went? to his shirt or mouth? :)

thank you nancy for introducing me to your sister! and thank you kitty for being so welcoming! i loved hanging out with you guys. and your little cookie monsters are so sweet. literally melts my heart when taylor holds my hand and calls me 'auntie connie'. :)


  1. OMG Connie!!! You did such an awesome job!! You really captured each of their own personalities!!! I can't wait to see the rest!!! In great anticipation for our next session! We Love you Auntie Connie!!

  2. Oh my Lord! I know they're my niece and nephew so they are cute to me no matter what, but this is too much!!! You did such an incredible job with this shoot. Thanks so much for your willingness to shoot them in spots that we wanted and adding your artistic vision to it! Kids are seriously so hard to work with, but you made it seem easy-peasy-pie! they love you! Thank you!!!

  3. i have to admit the 4-in-1 picture is exceptionally good. That kid get some style!!

  4. haha. you guys are funny and too kind! btw. i love your name kitty! thank you!!!

  5. Honestly you did do such a great job!!! I know it was really difficult trying to work with the very limited, almost next to nothing lighting, but the outcome, YOUR WORK does not even show that! I actually love the color of the photos from the bookstore. I don't know what you did or have to do to get the photos to look the way they do, but I do know it took a lot of work and time. Thank you!

  6. awww i guess i missed the borders session! :( too cute too cute! i love them watching the water fly up at the fountain! :)
    i had no idea you were sick :( i hope my coughing around you didn't make it worse & sorry if it did :( it was still nice meeting you~ it really is a small world!

  7. by just looking at these pic~
    makes me want to hab kids now!!!!!
    or i wanna go back to being that age!!!
    so cute!!

  8. OMG.. why are those kids so cute.. i absolutely love how your shots look so antique! im sure it helps that the kids are dressed preppy too but everything flows so well!

  9. Very cute kids! My favorite is #5 because it begins to tell the story.

  10. Ok I guess it took two super cute kids to get me to comment. Words do not do your photos justice Connie. Amazing.

  11. wow these are even you do work well with children huh?!
    Loving all of them = ) so proud of you Connie!