Friday, September 12, 2008

Downey Wedding Photography

Here are some of my favorites from Maritza & Giovany's wedding that I 2nd shot. :)

The bride and her father. My 2nd top fave.

The bride's son is so cute!
Father and son.

Here is the cutest flower girl. I had a fun and hard time trying to get shots of this ankle biter. She would not stay still. LoL. I chased her for a good 5 minutes. But what was really cute was that she would run away from me, but come running back to ask me to show her the picture I took of her.
I'm such a sucker for details. The reception was at the Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park.

Check out this apple martini ice sculpture! Very cool.

LoL. These are the scores for the kiss above. I guess it wasn't good enough for the judges.

Almost perfect scores for the 2nd kiss.

My favorite shot.
Congratulations guys!


  1. the first picture screams, "WHY SO SERIOUS???"

    and i love the picture whereas the bride and groom are sitting opposite side of each other...

    nice shots as always!!

  2. Great shots! What camera do you use? What's your favorite lens...just curious.