Friday, September 19, 2008

Nancy & Eddie :: Disneyland |engaged|

When I asked if I could shoot an e-session for Nancy & Eddie, I was so thrilled that they said yes. So we discussed where we could shoot and chose to have the session at Disneyland! Not only because it's the happiest place on earth, but because it holds a special meaning for these two. Eddie proposed to Nancy at Disneyland! :)

AND Here are my favorites from that day.

hahahahahahahahahaha. i seriously could NOT stop laughing while i was post processing these pictures. looking at these pictures, i can still hear nancy's scream! LoL. has anyone ever ridden this ride? i don't know the name, but it's a pretty scary ferris wheel.


Here is Eddie N Nancy.
I would like to introduce you to maggie! :)

Nancy and her love for eddie and cotton candy! :)

I couldn't decide on which image to post. So here's all 3 of them. :)

Here is my absolute favorite animated gif.

Thank you guys for being such good sports and showing us an awesome time!

Since the animated gifs are my favorite shots from the day, i'll leave you with some still images that I absolutely love.


  1. OMG!!! I am cracking up here! These pictures totally take me back to that day and the last three in the courtyard totally take me back to when eddie proposed. Thanks so much, COnnie! I so HEART the ring shot and the dumbo one and the ones in front of the hot dogs... and ALL OF THEM! haha. you are so great. thanks for making our pictures so fun and fresh - just how we wanted them! the lil' movies are hilarious. and good thing for your blog stalkers that you can't smell maggie's booty through blogs. xoxo!

  2. dood these pictures are so good. Im really surprise you got such good shots!! Job well done as always!!

  3. wwowooooowww i LOVE this post...those pictures look so FUN! they totally make me wish i was there!! and you were able to capture such pure and genuine expression! ok enough exclamation points..

  4. hi connie, your photos are really captured nancy and eddie EXACTLY! good job!

  5. my favs ..

    i love it :)

  6. you are absolutely right! - my cousins IS one of the most caring and sweetest people you'll ever meet! [although im family, im not biased, i swear]

    i'll confess, i was a lurker but my cousin asked me to leave a comment..just to explain im not some crazy stalker.

    i love em all but i REALLLY LOVE the ones with their arms crossed [where teddy grahams is kinda scary] and the flying dumbo! great site :)

  7. All I can say is the girl is HOT but I don't know about the guy...but you did a great job Connie!!!