Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Happy Tuesday

I'm baaaack! :) How are you? Just wanted to drop a post for this week with a few images from my trip to Paris & London to tie you over till the next time I blog. :)

This image is one of the very first ones I took the day we got to Paris and is one of my favorites. I did squeal (just a little) when I saw the Eiffel tower. :p

If you look closely, you can see water drops from the branches.

I just had to post this one because I could eat this everyday. If anyone knows of any good places to get schwermas, PLEASE let me know. Because I could seriously eat this every day.

London, baby!

This image looks really cool to me. I didn't have a tripod so I used poles and stuff from the street when doing long exposure shots.

Have a great week everyone! :)


  1. love that last shot! can't wait to see more from your trip! and lemme know when you're free to hang out!

  2. can't wait to see more and more!!!

  3. love the last pic connie. long exposures rock.

  4. If you're ever in Westwood near UCLA, try Falafal king for a good shawarma, they also have great falafal too.

  5. omg the first and last images... they are straight out of a dream or something. that first is so awesomely moody, like I can feel the cold air in it. can't wait to see more!!

  6. nice snaps, connie! can't wait to see more!

  7. ahh the eiffel tower in the background, that is sooo lovely!! the last pic with the bus rushing by is really nice too!

  8. welcome back! next time, can you take me with you? :)

    love that first shot too!