Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss E :: Boudoir |Los Angeles|

Wow. I can't believe it's almost mid January. Where does the time go???

All right. The real reason for this post! Miss E's boudoir session. I have been itching to post these since I shot them and I must thank Miss E for being so gracious enough for allowing me to post these on my blog. :)

I always knew I'd love shooting boudoir sessions and I am looking forward to shooting more. Having a woman in front of your lens and capturing her vulnerability in a strong and beautiful way is just awesome. I'll be honest. This was my first boudoir shoot... as it was Miss E's... so we were both a little nervous. LoL. But we happily drank a glass or two of champagne before the shoot to help us calm our nerves. :p

And if any of you fab ladies out there are interested in a boudoir session (valentine's day is right around the corner! :) ) shoot me an email at and let's chat about how we can knock your significant other's socks off! :)

Miss E, thanks so much for allowing me to document your oozing sexiness. You seriously rocked it. And thanks to the wonderful Clara of Clara Kim Beauty for doing such a fantastic job on hair and makeup! Now for the pictures! And don't forget the slideshow at the bottom!

Love this shot!

:) This shot makes me happy. Nothing sexier than a cotton tank.

Click here for the slideshow.


  1. Girl! These pictures are hot! Thanks Ms. E for sharing!!

  2. nicely done, connie! she looks AMAZING!

  3. wow connie! great job! oozing sexiness!

  4. AWESOME shots! She's so hot! Very sexy indeed and great job on the shoot!

  5. Love all the sexy!!! the underwear one could be an ad for calvin klein. :) i wish i had the guts AND the body to do this..LOL!

  6. you are doing great work connie!

  7. Wow, wonderful posting, dear. I really like your boudoir photography and model you used in your shooting is marvelously beautiful.

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