Monday, December 8, 2008

Steve & Sally :: Santa Monica Pier |engaged|

two weeks ago, i met sally & steve at santa monica pier for an engagement session. we started the afternoon with slices of ny pizza for lunch and ventured around the pier for some fun shots.


i've actually known steve my whole life. if my memory serves me correct, our dad's were friends since highschool. isn't that crazy?! and even though i've known steve for quite some time, i had no idea he was such a goofball. :)

right after the first shot, we got kicked off the ride! :(

here's steve trying to win one of those HUGE dolls for sally.

i told steve to make a goofy face to try and make sally laugh. lol. it worked. :)
lol. here's steve being goofy again.

this is one of my favorite shots of the day. it's my favorite because i love how steve automatically picked up a piece of straw and put it behind sally's ear. i thought it was really funny and endearing. i love pictures that showcase real interaction between a couple.

another favorite shot. i love the way sally's looking at steve.

congratulations again guys! can't wait to see you guys at your wedding!


  1. awesome pictures connie! :O)
    i especially like the one that says china in the background. so cute!

  2. nice update baby!! GOOD SHOTS!

  3. such cute pics! Loving the sun glare. keep 'em coming!! i love coming back to your blog with multiple new posts!!

  4. Hi Connie! The photos look fantastic! I've never seen my brother or Sally K-I-S-S before (gasp!). :)

    I looked through some of your other blogs and they're so much fun, too. Keep it up, Connie! I miss you!

  5. oops, the previous comment was left my me, Ann! :)