Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bahm, anyone?

every winter our family would gather around the fire place and eat bahm. we would cut it in half and spoon out all the yumminess. it was so warm and sweet. and every time, my parents told us that when they were students in Korea, they would buy bags full of roasted bahm from street vendors during the winter. so i have always associated bahm with my parents and korea. i didn't know the english word for it. it wasn't until i got a little older did i realize that bahm were chestnuts~!!! lol. so every time i hear the words chestnuts roasting on an open fire... from the christmas song, i always find myself visualzing what a chestnut looks like: a bahm. lol.

just wanted to share this story because my mom and i were sitting on the couch eating bahm with our spoons today. :)

and remember the light reef thing i said my mom bought? here's a picture of it.

i'm just getting over a cold. hope everyone stays healthy, warm and toasty this winter!!!


  1. sooo cute~~
    i want some bahm now~
    i never thought bahm would looks soooo cute~~ lol

    love the family pic~

  2. YUM! i totally want some bahm - it just feels like the holidays when you are eating them, right? your family is so cute...

    BTW thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  3. So sweet!
    I loved that short story of your family love....makes me want to share the love with my parents :)

  4. so cute~~~ i miss you and your family con!! ^^

  5. Chestnuts. That's exactly what they are.