Thursday, February 18, 2010

Serena :: Orange County |portrait|

I love meeting people in the wedding industry. Especially other photographers. It's really great when we get to share stories, experiences and learn from each other. I first met Serena when I 2nd shot for her and we had such a blast shooting together. The wedding led to lunch... and lunch led to a portrait session. :) I am so happy to call Serena a friend because not only is she a talented photographer, she is such a sweet person. I was totally nervous since this was my first time photographing another photographer, but after a few laughs and our sad attempts to tell jokes, we had lots of fun shooting each other. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from Tuesday's portrait session.

Serena brought her holga as a prop. So cute.

I really LOVE this image of Serena! She looks like an anime character. :)


Serena, you're awesome.

Thanks Serena for the fun day of shooting! Can't wait to hang again!


  1. aww~ she does look like an anime!

    I love how you capture her personality. I feel like I know her just from your photos!


  2. wow these pics are excellent. i love the tree and greens shot.

  3. Hey I know Serena! She was a bridesmaid of the VERY first client I ever had with JAC Beauty!! She's soo good! =) What a small world

  4. Gosh, Serena takes pretty photos and looks good in front of the camera. Love these Connie!

  5. Awwww such cute pics of Serena! I love how she brought her little heart logo along, how perfect! I totally have camera envy for her Holga, I want one soo bad!!

  6. What beautiful photos! Serena is gorgeous! Lovely, Lovely.

  7. Love all of these - Serena is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing her shots of you on her blog too!