Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christine & Gerry :: Day After |Orange County|

Christine and I went to high school together but haven't seen each other since! Thank goodness for Facebook! It's crazy how you can reconnect with all these people from your past and keep that relationship going because of Facebook. Anyways, Christine and Gerry have been married for a little over 3 years now and since Christine is looking to sell her wedding dress (size 2, email if interested!), what better way to get closure than having a day after session! :) A month or two before the session, the 3 of us went out (thanks guys for the yummy dinner!) to get reacquainted and talk about life after high school. We all high-five'd each other when we realized all our jobs had nothing to do with our college degrees. Yeah-uh! Give it up for the UC system! LoL. Jk. Anyhoo, when I first met Gerry, I gotta admit. I was a little intimidated because he looked all stern and manly. But after a few laughs, I found Gerry to be just a big teddy bear. Plus he rolls with all my sarcasm and jokes. Can't get any better than that! :) Christine & Gerry are seriously HILARIOUS together. They totally make each other laugh and truly are best friends. It's so awesome when I get to hang out with couples that are fun and chill like you two. :) And even though I haven't seen Christine since HS, it felt so easy getting back into the groove of things. Good times. Can't wait for our double date soon!

And if any of you fab ladies out there are looking to find closure with your wedding dress or just want to put on your dress again cuz it's cool, holla at your girl! ;)

Okay. Without further adieu, here are the pictures! And ofcourse, makeup and hair done by the lovely and talented Clara of Clara Kim Beauty. :)

Christine. You so sexzy.

Gerry knows what I mean when I say 'LOOK FIERCE, AIGHT!'

Love these next 2 images! So pretty Christine!

LOVE your smile.

So sweet. Helping her down.

I cannot love the black and white image of Christine more. You look timeless.

This is Gerry's funny face that has Christine cracking up EVERY time. I told you they're hilarious together.

LOVE LOVE this one as well! SO romantic. Christine, how are you so beautiful AND have perfect teef? Life's not fair.

Work it girl.

Funny faces NEVER get old. Especially if yours looks like Gerry's. HAHAHAHA.

During our first dinner together, they mentioned wanting a shot with their beer. They told me they used to drink this all the time together in college. So at the end of our shoot, we stopped by Alberton's and had some fun in the beer/wine section. :)


And I leave you with this last image. Drinking champagne in their wedding gear is a normal thing for Christine & Gerry. Who says you only need to wear your wedding dress once.

Thanks guys for being so FUN and trusting me as your photographer. You guys made my job way too easy. :)


  1. awww what a fun day after shoot! first of all, i love the purple flower in her hair, it really adds a nice pop of color to the pictures. second, i AM seriously loving the shopping cart pic, it is hilarious and just shows off the fun personality of the couple! and the last photo is a great way to end this session - with one last intimate toast at home to being married! Your photographs are beautiful Connie!

  2. eeee! she's so cute and so prettyyy! what an adorable couple! love the grocery cart one.

    p.s. loving your comments too. when i read them, i have your voice in my head. not sure if that's a good or bad thing. or creepy.

  3. oooh love these pics! my favorites are the perfect teef one and the shopping cart pic. :D

  4. I know you say you only have 3 followers on this blog, but I guarantee you there's more...we just don't comment!

    Anyhow, since I know there are a lot of people who meander through this site, I just wanted to say for the record:

    Working with Connie was truly delightful! Having had previous experience with a different photographer for our Engagement and Wedding Day pictures, it was so refreshing to be able to really trust the photographer behind the lens. I had full confidence in her ability and artistry. In fact, I didn't want to constrain her creativity in any way, but that was only possible because I trusted her work. What I love most about Connie's style is the realness behind her pictures. It doesn't feel staged but rather you feel like you're in the moment and to me those are the kind of pictures you want. The kind of pictures where you can look back days, months and years after and be brought back to that very moment; the kind of pictures that tell a story without too many words and that's exactly what you get with Connie's photos. Besides her talent, Connie is warm, friendly, funny and very accomodating. It truly takes much skill to take 2 people that are not trained, professional models and make them feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera (even when it's inches away from your face)! I highly, highly recommend!

    Sorry, that was long but it had to be said. (I just cut/pasted my review...hehe) Thanks SO much again Connie, it was the best way for a girl to part with her dress. SO worth the 2 months of starvation!

  5. Oh yeah! And special thanks to Clara my face painter hahaha. Oh, what would the world be without make-up and photoshop! eek!

  6. very nice work! let me ask my wife if she wants to sell her wedding dress any time soon :D

  7. Love this Connie! The Alberton's shots are awesome.

  8. love them all...i wanna put on my wedding dress again and take pics...too bad i can't fit into it...should i starve myself too and have you take pics? LOL.

  9. kudos to still fitting into her wedding dress after 3 years. lol i can't say the same!

    love the photos, you do such beautiful work connie!

  10. thanks everyone for your sweet comments! :)

    @mommy lim you will look hot no matter what! you def don't have to starve yourself. :)

  11. Beautiful Connie! Love the variety in all of these, & they're such a cute couple!

  12. OMG! Connie!!!!!!!! I'm completely in LOVE with these images! I almost wore that pronovia dress for my own wedding which I am still regretting to this day!!! arggh!! the bride is so beautiful in every way. like you said, life's not fair.. :) p.s love the shopping cart shot & gary's fierce shot.. kekekekekkeke great work!!!

  13. These are so ridiculously gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the light you found and the shopping cart photo is super cute. :-)