Monday, April 13, 2009

HaPPY MoNday!

Isn't she cuuuuute? I love her. She reminds me of my old dog. If I didn't love Nancy, I'd totally take Molly from her. LOL.

Molly is such a smartie. I think a little too smart. She loves when you rub her belly and loves to cuddle with you. You know how you always dream of having a dog that lays her head on your arm or leg? Molly does that. And it's friggin adorable.

Thought we'd start this Monday off with cute a$$ pictures.

Here's Molly and her favorite toy.


  1. lol! i looove these pics of molly-cakes! aw... i miss her cuz she is with her daddy right now :( she spent the night at his place. lol. can't wait til we are all under the same roof! 2 more months!!!

  2. awwwww i love morrryyyy!
    her and her jjik jjiki