Monday, February 2, 2009


I was tagged on fb to write a note with 25 random things or facts about myself. But I thought I'd just write it on my blog. Since I'm turning 26 this month, booooooo, what better time to write 25 random things about myself when I am still 25. :)

1.As you can tell, I haven't embraced aging. lol.

2. I LOVE my family like no other. I love my sister. I love my mom. I miss my dad.

3. I LOVE. Like really LOVE romantic comedies. I love watching movies in general, but romantic comedies are the best. I think I spend too much money on movies and late fees.

4. I sometimes watch scary movies ONLY in the day time. But at night, I regret it because I can't take a shower and I have to wash my face with my eyes open.

5. I drink soda like water. I know. So bad.

6. I finally found what I LOVE to do.

7. I LOVE the sun. The warmth. The brightness. I get cranky when I don't have my weekly dose of sun at Starbucks. Okay. That's an understatement. I live at Starbucks. *** My favorite time to watch a movie is in the afternoon. The sun is still out when the movie's over.

8. I drive a Mustang convertible and I can't see myself driving anything else.

9. I'm a romantic in theory.

10. I smell my laundry EVERY time. It's not even a conscious effort. Every time I pull my laundry out of the dryer, I bury my face in the warmth of it all. And then 3 or 4 more times while I'm folding.

11. When I have a craving, and I don't satisfy it, I will think about it for daaayyys. And I will talk about it for daaaayyyys. And make you annoyed with me for daaaayyys. LoL.

12. I'm a major cry baby. movies, weddings, love, life... anything in that category will get the tears rollin'.

13. I love sticking my head out the window. haha.

14. I love watching American Idol and America's Next Top Model.

15. If we played the friends trivia game, I'd whoop your a$$.

16. I am passoy queen. Or Big 2. Call it whatever. I'll still win. ;p

17. I live to eat. If you hang out with me, you'll probably gain at least 5 pounds during the first couple of days.

18. I love to laugh. Laugh to the point where I have to pee.

19. My list is: 1. Robert Downey Jr.
2. Gerard Butler
3. Daniel Craig
4. TBD
5. TBD

20. I can swim for hours. I pretend to be a dolphin or mermaid and just roam around the bottom of the pool. And I love to canon ball and dive into the pool.

21. I seriously love being behind the camera. It makes me so happy.

22. There is NOTHING like the support of your family and friends.

23. When I was a kid, I used to sit right in front of the TV and press books right up against my nose because I wanted glasses. But now, I am soooooo grateful I never had to get glasses.

24. Our summers during elementary school was the best! We would play speed (card came), watch Small Wonder and swim all day.

25. Sometimes, I sing. I sing at the TOP of my lungs and with my whole heart even though I'm completely tone-deaf.

Have a great week!


  1. your so cute babe!!

    ill still kick your ass in big 2!!

    12 - 9 record...

  2. 10. I do that too!
    15. You're on! i have that game! puhaha i got it as a gift :)
    17 & 18. How are you not our family? Cus this is what we do! when we were little, we would play sae sae sae or poo leun ha neul in kitty unnie's room and compete, and to throw the other team off we would hiss "pee pee! pee pee!" to each other in between lines of the songs so they would laugh and lose. i think we've all gone in kitty unnie's room at their old house - more than once for me and bonny :X

  3. p.s. 9 & 25. Awwwww~ hahah have u been to nrb with pancy unnie and bonsai? LOL