Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nari & William

hello! nari's family invited me  a while back. it's an awesome hot springs resort. it's about a 2 hour drive from los angeles. not far at all. ofcourse, we accepted the invitation. who wouldn't want to relax at warner springs? the whole weekend, we swam, sun bathed, ate a lot of yummy food, read books, played rummikub, laughed and took lots of pictures! and on our last day, we stoppped by pechangas. :) for those of you that don't know what rummikub is, you NEED to go buy that game. it's so addicting and fun. i think it's only $10 at target. make sure to buy a small bag that'll hold the tiles though.

so nari and william agreed to do a couple session with me! :) i've known nari since highschool, it was an easy shoot. so here is my first attempt at an "e" session. :)

aren't they such a good-looking couple?

this is my favorite from the shoot.

this is my 2nd favorite. you can see the steam coming from the water below them. i think the water temp was over 100 degrees. i had to climb over a wooden fence and huge boulders to get this shot. i couldn't stop sweating as i was shooting because i was so close to the hot water. but in the end, it's all worth it.

we found a little wooden tipi while exploring warner springs. so i told them to act like they were building a fire. LoL. it makes me smile every time i see this picture.
don't they look like they're really riding it?

after leaving warner springs, we visited this small, little town. i forget the name. but we had their infamous apple pie. so good.

and i leave you with this final picture. we were taking the "holding hands and walking picture" when all of a sudden nari did this crazy kung-fu, jump kick. and i love it because it is so nari. this is how they really are with each other. which is great. because what more could you want than pictures that show your personality?


  1. dood these pictures were worth the second look around.. you did such a good job!!

  2. great pictures!!! you really did capture their essence. haha i was laughing the whole way through. :) I love the sun glare with the steam picture!

  3. Connie -
    I am William's sister, I believe we met when you came to San Diego. I think your pictures are absolutely incredible! If you can make my brother look that good, you MUST be amazing haha. Nari is beautiful as always. Keep up the stellar work!