Thursday, August 14, 2008

Santa Ana Wedding Photography

get ready for this post. cuz i just bombed it with a whole lot of images. this wedding was the first time i ever shot as a real 2nd. i was so nervous and scared, i couldn't sleep. i think the last time i was this nervous was when i got called into the principal's office and my mom was already there. LoL. good times. relax folks. it was about my attendance. i had too many.

anyways, a lot of the bride's Egyptian culture went into the wedding. i love culture. it was so rich, colorful and FUN! i seriously had such a blast just soaking everything in. for their grand entrance, they had a traditional zaffa. wikipedia states that the zaffa (wedding march), is a musical procession of bendir drums, bagpipies, horns, belly dancers and men carrying flaming swords, annoucing that the marriage is about to begin. doesn't that just sound like amazing fun?

no bagpipes and men with swords though. but either way, it was such an awesome wedding. so awesome that i had to remind myself that i was there as a photographer. haha. rookie. i know. :) ENJOY!!!

the groom and his posse.
best man

i love his hair. the groom and 2 of the groomsmen had major british accents. heaven to my ears. haha.
the groom looking all debonaire.

i love this picture. it's so real.
one of my favorites from the day.


look at her boots! awesome.

have you ever seen eyes that smile this much?

she's adorable.

this was the ceiling at the church. so pretty.

i love detail shots like this. subtle yet consuming. does that make sense?

The bride's father was giving his speech and had said something that embarassed her (in a good way), so she tried to hide behind her veil. which i thought was so sweet.
dancers they had at the wedding.

first dance.

father-daughter dance.

i think this has to be my favorite. look at her bridesmaid. you can't get more true than that.
so there i was shooting away, when the bride started dancing. i'm not quite sure, but i think it was some sort of an egyptian dance. but dang. she was good. the crowd went wild. i think this was when i forgot i was a photographer. LoL.


  1. damn. these are pro.

    all these look great connie. i'd hire you in a heartbeat.

  2. seriously thanks frank! and i'd say yes in a heartbeat. haha. i'm just happy you read my blog. :)