Tuesday, May 12, 2009


you know those days where you're driving and you have no idea how you got there? how your body just turns the wheel left or right just by muscle memory?

well, i was on my way to the gas station and when i got there, i had a major brain fart and forgot where my gas tank was. i was all, huh? left? right? so i stuck my head out the window to see, but i couldn't. :( lol. come on! i've had this car since the start of my driving history and i forget which side the gas tank is on? unbelievable.

anyways! happy tuesday folks. and don't have brain farts like me.

and i want to show you a little something from the album i'm currently working on. it is going to be sweeeet~~!!!


ahhhhh. how i love simplicity.


  1. !!!!!
    hurrry please. i can't wait!

  2. OMG. i want to sleep in the skirt of her dress! I LOVE the tulle and wish I could pull it off :( the image on the right is ah-mah-sing! good thing you weren't having brain farts when you shot the wedding!!

  3. Nice teaser. Love these two shots. I like the vignetting too. I guess we'll have to patiently wait for more....

  4. do you know the designer of her dress? that's the exact style i'm looking for!!!

  5. Jina: LOL. i asked her the same thing! she doesn't know. all we know is that it's from a European designer. but she got both her dresses from ktown at the galleria??? the wedding shop in the plaza. but i'll email her to make sure. :)